Business development executiveId: KNS10937

 Tài chính/ngân hàng/ Kinh doanh/dự án
 Nhân viên
 1 năm
 Cao đẳng
 Toàn thời gian
 T.P Hồ Chí Minh
 Mức lương đề nghị

Thỏa thuận

Việc làm tuyển gấp

Việc làm mới nhất

Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam

Recruitment in Retail Banking

Việc làm của Bạn

Search new and profitable customers; maintain relationship with customers and identify their needs

Introduce and sell Personal Loan or Credit Card as main products

Develop and maintain active referral relationships with targeted sources (i.e : big developers, big agents, senior sale managers or best sales working on real estate market)

Achieve allocated individual business targets

Successful and consistent conversion of leads to sales

Kỹ năng việc làm

Relevant 1-2 years of sales/acquisition experience with a proven sales track record is preferred

Highly results-driven, enthusiastic and self-motivated individual with strong time management skill.

Team player with initiatives and assertiveness

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Passion for sales and providing excellent customer service, withabilityto deal with people of all levels in complex and difficult situations

Thông tin bổ sung

To apply, send your updated CV directly to with subject [SC2018] Position_Full name or visit for more opportunities and apply online

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