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Công Ty Evizi Lcc

EVIZI is a leading provider of technology solutions and outsourcing services to customers worldwide. With our unique dual-shore model featuring a headquarters in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley and locations in Atlanta and Minneapolis coupled with technology centers located in strategic cities throughout Vietnam and China, our development and delivery capability is centered on a clear, repeatable process and methodology led by our certified Project Managers and highly skilled developers. We take ownership and partner with your core development team to ensure outstanding quality, on time delivery and, most importantly, to target specifications. Specialties: ITO Services, BPO Services, Business Development in Vietnam and China.

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The right fit for this role will see themselves as a development team lead who takes on the responsibility to deliver quality software products and enjoy engaging with the Director of Technology, Lead Architect and Quality Assurance Manager in order to understand and take action to adhere to delivery schedules, software requirements, technical requirements, including detailed technical design concepts, developer testing, unit testing and has the ability to drive their team to meet these expectations, as well as perform hands on development.

Kỹ năng việc làm

Role Competencies

- Computer Science BS/MS degree.

- 5 years of software development experience.

- Cloud development experience (AWS, Azure, OpenStack, etc.)

- Experience building / consuming REST APIs.

- Experience with high throughput, scalable, systems.

Required Knowledge

- Must know and be able to discuss in depth the following: SOLID, Inversion-of-Control / Dependency Injection, Domain Driven Design.

- Must be able to discuss in depth the differences and advantages of SOAP and REST, and provide examples where each would be the preferred option.

- Should recognize, understand and be able to discuss, to anadvanced degree,general knowledge concepts about the web.

- Should be able to discuss ORM vs. Micro-ORM vs. No ORM in depth, with advantages of each.

- Should be able to discuss how to technically manage solution complexity in terms of application structure and solution/project structure.

- Be able to articulate what quality in software development is and the development teams role in it.

Required Skills & Experience

- Has led teams greater than 5 people before.

- Good written and verbal communication skills in English, client relation skills, and ability to work effectively as a contributor in a technical team environment.

- Competent in the use of following technologies and tools to develop web applications:

- HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

- Angular2+ and TypeScript.

- Bootstrap.

- C#

- The ability to work within the following software development methodologies:

- Agile / SCRUM / Waterfall.

- Continuous Integration.

- Continuous Delivery.

- Experience in the following development activities:

- Single page application design.

- Designing REST-based APIs.

- Writing SQL queries.

- Modifying database schemas.

- Experience in the use of the following technologies and tools:

- Visual Studio.


- NoSQL and SQL databases.

- MS Build.

- Angular 4/5.

-.Net Core a plus.

- Experience in the consumption of the following data access technologies:

- REST and/or SOAP services.

- Entity Framework.

- Big plus for experience with Messaging systems (MSMQ, RabbitMQ, etc.) – not mandatory but a ‘very nice to have’.


- Must have a desire to solve tough and complicated problems.

- Must be willing to lead by example.

- Must have a passion for learning detailed technical concepts and the desire to implement solutions based on that knowledge.

- Must have the ability to assess others technical competencies and a passion to work side by side as a mentor seeking continuous improvement.

- Must have the capacity to identify and act on good advice.

- Must be willing to work on legacy products (VB6).

- Must understand that quality is something that developers take responsibility for and that the QA teams primary responsibility is to validate the implementation of requirements.

Work Places : Ha Noi, Da Nang.

Thông tin bổ sung

Benefits and Incentives

- Opportunity to travel to client sites in the Silicon Valley and other interesting locations 

- Competitive salary 

- Annual salary review 

- 13-month salary 

- Project bonus + overtime salary

- Five working days per week

- Social insurance contribution according to high salary

- Excellent Benefits: holiday bonus, birthday gift, team building, health care examination, big annual year-end party every year, sport activities, ...

- Dynamic and comfortable working environment.

Please send resume and cover letter to explaining why you're a good match for this position.

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