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Thỏa thuận

Việc làm tuyển gấp

Việc làm mới nhất

G&h Management Service

G&H is an International company which was established in Hong Kong 1995. The first training was conducted in Vietnam in 1996. In 2000, a separate company was set up in Vietnam, over the past 20 years we have experience of training MNCs and more recently for leading Vietnamese Organizations. • Business name: Trung Tam Dao Tao Quan Tri G&H Viet Nam G&H Management Services Vietnam. Investment license: 2448/GP on 21 January 2005 from Ministry of Planning and Investment G&H is the longest established International Training provider in Vietnam, with offices in both HCM City and Hanoi.

Việc làm của Bạn

The Intern will be responsible for administrative support for training and become training supporter when being required

More specifically, responsibilities will include:

·         Support translation and interpretation as required

·         Be trainer’s assistant

·         Prepare logistics for classes

·         Arrange hotel/ air-ticket for trainer

·         Consolidate training report as required

·         Other tasks assigned by Office Manager

Kỹ năng việc làm

Education: 3rd and 4th year students, majoring in Business Administration, Economics, Hospitality, English, etc. are preferable
Languages: English skills. Fluent in Vietnamese.


·         Good communication skills; Patient personality and high responsibility; Good planning and reporting skills

·         Self-motivated with strong team skills, high degree of punctuality; Hard working and good health

Proven capacity to apply a structured approach to working with assignments

Thông tin bổ sung


·         Attending/ observing professional soft skill training

·         Get paid each month during the internship

·         Enhance your employability after graduation

·         Gain valuable cross-cultural working

·         Enhance your English, computer skill and many soft-skills

·         Flexible working time to match your studying schedule


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