Nhân viên kinh doanh (b2b)Id: KNS25722

 Giáo dục/đào tạo/ Kinh doanh/dự án
 Nhân viên
 1 năm
 Không yêu cầu
 Toàn thời gian
 T.P Hồ Chí Minh
 Mức lương đề nghị

7,000.000 đ - 9,000.000 đ

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Prime Quality Training

Prime Quality Training is a Singapore based industry expert, with a solid track record of operational excellence, innovation and solutions provided in Africa the world’s fastest growing continent.

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Job Summary

You will work as a training consultant who deals directly with corporate clients around the world, understand their organization training needs, and propose suitable training courses to match with their demands, and annual budget.

Job Description

~ Daily communicate with managers and leaders of top businesses and public organizations in Africa via telephone and email to promote our events

~ Daily do market research & analysis – Be able to create your own qualified database through using various avenues such as social media, print media, news, Google, Linkedin etc.

~ Daily consult to understand our client’s needs and conscientiously match our business portfolio to their needs

~ Assist Sales Team Leader in developing strategic plan for each project

~ Report to Team Leaders about feedback, progress, potential delegates for the project

~ Work independently and be self-driven within a team structure

Kỹ năng việc làm

~ No previous experience required, passionate about sales & marketing

~ Good communication and negotiation skills, confident, positive, result-oriented, disciplined and quick learner

~ Strive under pressure and can work in a fast-paced and disciplined environment.

~ Working 05 days Monday – Friday (12:00 PM – 09:00 PM, 01 hour break for dinner), following African timing

~ Able to commit within 03 months at least

~ Degree in any fields. Diploma will be highly-preferred 

~ No business trip is required

Thông tin bổ sung

For interested candidates, please send us English CV and Cover Letter to job@pri-qua.com

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