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I worked for ITL -In Do Trans Logistics Corporation _ ITL Corp form 05/2013 -02/2019. At ITL Corp, I was in charge of: - Receiving Purchase Requisition (PR) from internal departments or other branches. - Source all kinds of products upon requests from domestic and overseas markets and negotiate for best price, right products and services.- Searching, working and negotiating the existing suppliers and new potential suppliers to get the good price in purchasing materials. - Collecting quotes and comparing them to choose the best vendors with best prices. - Verify and place the orders with suppliers in accordance with Department policy and Procedure. - Follow up on the delivery date, delivery time, unfulfilled orders or undelivered orders to ensure the continuous supply for business operating. - Make payment request with related documents to FIN and save docs. - Other jobs are required by Purchasing Supervisor. Jan 2018- Feb 2019 In Jan 2018, I proposed to be Senior Purchasing Executive, I’m in charge of: - Purchase for items has valued more than 50 million. - Handle bidding projects: IP Network- Polycom, Upgrade new PC, License Microsoft for all offices. - Order tire and battery for than 150 tractors, 15 trucks, 6 office cars. - Guiding and giving advise for my colleagues. Sep 2015- Dec 2017 My responsibilities was: - In charge of purchasing for around 12 branches and offices in HCM, Binh Duong, DAN, HAN about items as above. - Process PR for office in Cambodia ( IT Equipment, Talon, Label,…).. - Handle tire and battery purchases for more than 100 tractors from Binh Duong to Hai Phong. - Supporting and training for 2 colleagues( one in HAN and one in HCM). May 2013- Aug 2015 My duties was: - In charge of purchasing for 3 branches and offices in HCM, Binh Duong about ordering items: • IT equipment ( Desktop, Laptop, Network items, Cable,…). • Software ( Microsoft, Office, Antivirus,...). Renew website,…. • Marketing Campaigns (leaflet, standee, backdrop, label, airway bill, decal,..). • Material for operating: PE film, Tape,… • Other items requested by the other departments,… - Collect docs and make all payment request and save docs.

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Mai Thị Huấn SN: 19/08/1989 Email: Maihuanbp@gmail.com SĐT: 0933802139/ 0962539582.

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