Plant manager - code: pm-o Id: KNS11961

 Quản lý chất lượng/ Quản lý/điều hành
 Phó/ Giám đốc
 5 năm
 Đại học
 Toàn thời gian
 Hà Nội
 Mức lương đề nghị

2000$ - 3000$

Việc làm tuyển gấp

Việc làm mới nhất

Gpo - Taylor

GPO – Grow People and Organization is a leading company in Vietnam and ASEAN market to provide services and solutions in human resource management. At the GPO, you can find the services of talent attraction and recruitment, talent training and development, corporate consultation for maximization organizational efficiency and optimization results by Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or outsourcing. In the other word, GPO help our clients standardize working processes, make them simple and automatically run by their system then maximize the working results.

Việc làm của Bạn

GPO is currently looking for qualified candidates for the position:

Plant Manager - Code: PM-O

Address: Hà Tây, Hà Nội

Salary: from $3000

Job Description:

This role takes responsibility for the production performance of the plant:

- Be accountable for the achievement of plant performance and product quality

- Manage operation including manufacturing and maintenance of the factory

- Manage employees relation and safety

- Manage and improve deployment or resources, people, budget and assets to comply with cost and financial targets

- Manage and respond on factory service levels, efficiencies, quality compliance,

- Implement HR policies and procedures

- Lead factory continuous improvement program

- Support implementation of innovation within the factory and deliver agreed to ramp up plans

- Ensure to meet customers service targets, safety standards and quality standards in unit

Kỹ năng việc làm


- Graduated in technical background field

- Have at least 5 years working in manufacturing company

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills

- Great problem solving and influence skills

- Great command of English

- Competent in using software like (Microsoft Words, Excel, Outlook, etc)

-  Have the ability to influence people and the whole organization

Thông tin bổ sung

- Attractive salary from $3000
- Allowances and benefits (bonus, medical insurance, social insurance)
- Full equipment support for the the work
- Free training session from the company
- Dynamic and professional working environment
How to apply:
1.    Candidates kindly send CV via email address with subject: Fullname - Birth year  - PM-O 
2.    Quick application:
3.    Detail:
4.    Deadline: The sooner, the more opportunities to get interviewed  and start working

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