Vietnamese trainerId: KNS10266

 Giáo dục/đào tạo
 Nhân viên
 2 năm
 Đại học
 Toàn thời gian
 Hà Nội
 Mức lương đề nghị

20,000.000 đ - 30,000.000 đ

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Sellbytel Group

Sellbytel Group is one of the World’s Leading International Outsourcing Expert with 30 years of Outsourcing excellent experiences. Our head quarter is located in Nuremberg, Germany and we currently have nearly 10,000 employees located in 65 locations of 26 countries all over the world. Our Clients are the leading Companies in Software and Hardware products such as Google, HP, Oracle, SAP, Exness,… and many more.

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Your Main Task

Responsible for delivery of soft skills, product and system trainings company-wide.

Conduct assessment and ensure hired agents are ready to perform their daily tasks.

Responsible to analyse and maintain quality standards and measures quality of all interactions of the agents with the customer.

Assist all employees and trainees in their work performance

To provide feedback and coaching to support on daily/weekly/monthly basis

Kỹ năng việc làm

What we need from you

Bachelor's Degree required

Minimum 2 years of working experience in training & development with quality assurance component in customer service environment with a proven track record of impacting customer experience and team’s performance

Minimum 2 years in IT/BPO/Call center environment

Native/Excellent communication ability both written and verbal in Vietnamese & English

Proven experience in designing and executing successful training programs and effective team management

Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods (mentoring, coaching, on the job, or in classroom training, e-learning, workshops, simulations and etc.)

Coaching and feedback skills

Work location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thông tin bổ sung

Our Offer

Schedule: Full-Time

Attractive remuneration package

Great career progression and development for outstanding achievers

Covered connections to LRT station

Vibrant & energetic office culture


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